The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Part of our role in serving others is connecting people to resources.  I love learning about exciting initiatives that make a difference,  even better is being able to share these programs with others who might find their gifts aligning with something new. I hope we can keep learning about as many initiatives as possible so when the opportunity arises we can pass on information to others.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a non-profit. They seek to plant and help others plant 18 million fruit trees across the globe. These fruit trees benefit God’s creation and also provide a healthy food source.

Their website:

Here are six programs they work through, maybe one will interest you:

  • Fruit Tree 101: planting at public schools
  • Communities Take Root: planting in community gardens and city parks
  • Fruit Relief: planting in low-income neighborhoods and international hunger relief sites
  • Reservation Preservation: planting at Native American reservations
  • Roots of Recovery: planting at Health Centers
  • Orchards for Animals: planting at Animal Sanctuaries

Provided on the website is an application download for anyone who might want to bring an orchard donation to their area or organization.

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