Earth Day Resources for Your Family

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Today is Earth Day!
images (1)CitizenKid a series of books inspiring kids become global citizens has added a new book to its collection Planet Ark: Preserving the Earth’s Biodiversity. 

earthEnvironmentally Themed Movies for Families

images (12)Visit Recycle City a computer game from the Environmental Protection Agency

images (2)Read OxFam’s Grow Method and booklet Fighting World Hunger at your Table

images (3)Consider bringing TerraCycle to your school or business

images (4)Use Preserve Products: Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained.

images (5)The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat global warming, strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water.


Visit my Creation Care Board over on Pinterest. I spent way too much time last week trying to gather the best of the best ideas.

Visit my friend Leslie’s DIY Pinterest board. Leslie is a talented crapter (she up-cycles regular stuff into fun crafts).

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Head over to the website The Story of Stuff Project. They have thought provoking videos about creating a sustainable world.

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Read the story of creation with your family.

Genesis Chapter 1: In the beginning… God created all we have. I think we have a responsibility to care for it!

Check out some the great earth day books for kids above: The Curious Garden, Compost Stew, Curious George Plants a Tree, Michael Recycle, The Magic School Bus Climate Challenge, Fancy Nancy Earth Day is Everyday, Biscuits Earth Day Celebration, Gabby and Grandma Go Green.  


What is your family really great at when caring for the earth? 

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Part of our role in serving others is connecting people to resources.  I love learning about exciting initiatives that make a difference,  even better is being able to share these programs with others who might find their gifts aligning with something new. I hope we can keep learning about as many initiatives as possible so when the opportunity arises we can pass on information to others.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a non-profit. They seek to plant and help others plant 18 million fruit trees across the globe. These fruit trees benefit God’s creation and also provide a healthy food source.

Their website:

Here are six programs they work through, maybe one will interest you:

  • Fruit Tree 101: planting at public schools
  • Communities Take Root: planting in community gardens and city parks
  • Fruit Relief: planting in low-income neighborhoods and international hunger relief sites
  • Reservation Preservation: planting at Native American reservations
  • Roots of Recovery: planting at Health Centers
  • Orchards for Animals: planting at Animal Sanctuaries

Provided on the website is an application download for anyone who might want to bring an orchard donation to their area or organization.