this is winter coming


Indian summer fades away and leaves cold.

The dark of night moves further into the early evening.


This is winter coming.


Let us bring light and love to those who are feeling the layers of desperation extended winter seasons bring.


Sometimes a life just needs someone to kneel with them.

To respect them enough to hear their story.

To be assured they too are God’s child.


Winter can be hope if you offer it to another.


10 thoughts on “this is winter coming

  1. This is a GREAT post.

    I tend to be a relatively formal person. Women with whom I am not well-acquainted are addressed as “ma’am”, and men as “sir”.

    Today I went with my wife to meet one of her co-workers, whose dogs we are going to feed for a few days. She’s a nice lady, with a mild but notiecable disability that makes other people tend to look through her – not at her.

    I had met her before, and when we met today, I said, “Good to see you again, ma’am.”

    My wife said, “Oh don’t mind Andrew, he’s so formal.”

    And her friend said, “I kind of like it. He’s probably the only one who’ll ever call me ma’am!”

  2. “Sometimes a life just needs someone to kneel with them.” Oh Lisa, this is so good!!!! Thank you for writing and sharing.
    Btw…I received my book. I’m super excited to read. Thank you.
    Many blessings.

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