Halloween for a Cause

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Halloween can = making a difference!


1. The Red Cross Partners with AMC’s the Walking Dead to encourage people to give blood.


2. Trick or Treat for UNICEF! UNICEF improves the lives of children’s and families in 190 countries.

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3. Operation Gratitude Candy Buy Back Program. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to US military.

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4. Check out your local trunk or treat celebrations. Many churches host these safe alternatives on Halloween.


Searching high and low, the deepest depths of the internet, and I could not find much more on Halloween for a Cause.

Halloween is the second highest grossing consumer holiday behind Christmas!

I think we have an area where our world-changing, creative ideas could make a difference.


What are your ideas? 

I can see my daughter Ellie hosting a great costume party for a cause.

7 thoughts on “Halloween for a Cause

  1. Great post!

    So much negativity has been associated with the relatively innocent practice of trick or treat that it’s a relief to see the positive potential explored.

    I remember UNICEF boxes from when I was a kid. People always seemed to have some change to spare, and even though I was a materialistic little weasel, concerned with my ‘haul’, I did take pride in the weight of the UNICEF box at night’s ends.

    • I never saw the UNICEF boxes as a kid. It’s so great they have been going for many years. I must admit I was always quite excited about my haul 🙂 Everything in balance.

  2. Oh I remember UNICEF boxes too when I was a kid. My parents were youth group leaders and they would send us out every year with those boxes. I must say I’ve never been a fan of Halloween but this helps me to look at it differently, Btw…another great organization for sending care packages to our troops: Operation Support Our Troops – America (osotamerica.org)

    • Do you trick or treat in Australia? I think I asked you that last year 🙂 We Americans are kind of strange. Trunk or Treat is kind of fun though, it’s a safer version of door to door.

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