even the imperfect ones


One more #riskrejection link up with the beautiful Amy Sullivan. All these ladies have inspired me so greatly. They are brave and I love to hear their stories. It is powerful when we do not allow fear to overcome our hearts, and listen for that still small voice. You can read my other risk posts here, here, and here. I hope you might be encouraged from someone who is not so very brave deep inside.


I remember when I was little and in the backyard with all the neighbor kids. We would take turns flipping and twisting backwards on the rings hanging from the top of our playhouse. Everyone could do some sort of great variation. I would be there too, but my amazing trick would never come. As soon as I started, I would imagine my arms twisting out of their sockets and hanging limply at my sides. The risk was too great, so I just never tried. I would sit in a patch of daisies with my dog, watching everyone else try new things. 

And I went on to spend most of my life, watching everyone else take the risks.


Now, I find myself saying yes more often, even when I’m not sure I’m good enough. I used to tell myself, I would take chances when I was smarter, or skinnier, or had more experience, or felt less anxious. The day I started writing here I realized something, God takes all voices, even the imperfect ones.

Thinking back to my childhood backyard, I realize I have changed.

The more you risk, the stronger you become. God will keep welling up in your heart more and more… to take steps of faith in things that matter.


I promise to keep writing hope and encouragement, even when I’m scared.

I promise to risk swinging upside-down on the rings…


Would you take a risk? About Proximity is running a series called I Love Your Voice. 

I so very much believe that we all have a story to tell. We all embody a unique way that God uses to bring hope and renewal to others. The proximity of your voices encourages.

Read our first contributions here, here, and here. We want your voice. Contact me for some ideas for you to share your heart aboutproximity@gmail.com

The way you place yourself in the proximity of renewal will challenge others to take risks. I know it.

i love your voice series

One Word: Kneel

kneelNew Year = New Resolutions

Last year, I participated in One Word Three Sixty Five. I love the website because you can read other people’s chosen word and be inspired. One Word is a way to focus on one word for a year, bypassing or adding to resolutions. You can further join the One Word 365 community on their facebook page. 

Often, I write a list of goals and lose it, then write another, don’t do anything on it, write another, and before you know it another year has passed. Choosing one word allows me to focus on that one word and come back to it often as the year passes by.


I thought, searched, and prayed about my One Word for 2014. Again and again KNEEL came to my heart. I used this word last year. I think it might be law breaking to use the same word again.

God won’t let it go.

I think its just About Proximity. Maybe, I have further to go. I know I have further to go. I know this word is what I want to be. I want to kneel to God and to others. I don’t want to be first, or big, or high. I just want to be used.

Kneel. I’m not going to fight it. It’s our rally call to make a difference.

I would love to hear if you choose One Word for 2014 and what that word is! 


Reading others choices also got me thinking about how much I learn from others. I want to keep learning from all of you. I love your voices, you all have so much to give through just who you are. I will be starting a new series this year featuring YOU!

i love your voice seriesAn apothecary full of drawers, endless in its depths.

Each drawer a window to know and be know.

Who you are is important, so very important. We need each other to grow.


I will be scattering this series throughout About Proximity in addition to my M-W-F posts. I can’t wait to watch the list grow and grow. What will I need from you?

  • A photograph of you
  • One additional photograph that might go with your answers
  • Answer the questions I provide for you. {Some will be the same, with some tailored for you specifically}.

Who would like to be first? (I very, very much promise that you won’t regret it. You have a story that no one else has and we long to hear it!)

aboutproximity@gmail.com /or come by the facebook page/ or snag me in the real world.

P.S. {I’ll be asking too}