World Food Day for Families

Oxfam USA World Food Day is October 16. Oxfam works together to end poverty and injustice around the World.

World Food Day is a great opportunity to serve as a family!

Our planet produces enough food for everyone, yet nearly one billion of us (1 in every 7 people) still go to bed hungry.

Your family can make a difference!


How can your family be involved? 

Learn about the Grow Method

Visit the Grow Method Page and read the booklet Fight World Hunger Starting at Your Table as a family.

Write down a practical application for each category that your family can work on.

Our family choose the following:

  • Save Food: have a leftover night where we try to use any and all leftovers.
  • Shop Seasonal: visit our local farmer’s market to learn what food is seasonal.
  • Less Meat: weekly have a breakfast for dinner night with pancakes and fruit, or beans and rice.
  • Support Farmers: visit our local’s farmer’s market for produce.
  • Cook Smart: work as a family to plan our meals for each week.

Visit Pinterest (Look a great excuse!)

Oxfam GROW method is on pinterest here. Follow their board. Look through the recipes as a family and choose a few to try together.

Do you use Instagram?

Post a photograph on October 16 of your World Food Day dinner. Tag the photograph with #WFD2012 and your photo will join others around the world. Visit the Oxfam website to see photographs from around the world.

A World Food Day Dinner Discussion Guide: 

Oxfam has a printable World Food Day Dinner Discussion Guide here. Use this free resource to guide your dinner table discussion. After the kids go to bed, parents can continue the discussion.

A Children’s Book Resource:

Hungry Planet What the World Eats By: Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio

This book would be a great resource for a family story time after dinner. Beautiful photographs archive families all around the world surrounded by what they eat in a month’s time. Discuss the similarities and differences you recognize with each family.


Praise your kids for taking time to make a difference as a family. Make sure they know their efforts combined with others, do make a profound difference!