Someone Exactly Just Like You

I like music. (Sometimes I listen to ‘secular’ music.) But, it doesn’t really feel that way to me.

I really, really like LOVE stories. I love them so much, I watch You Tube montages of love stories. My friends know, but I don’t think I should admit with what regularity I do this in. (Am I watching this montage of Anne of Green Gables and Gilbert for the seventeenth time? No, that’s absurd…)


Lyrics are words that move hearts, set to music.

Whether a song has a secular theme or not, I always feel Christ’s love for me.


Use Somebody is originally by Coldplay. I like the version by Laura Jansen, too. (I listen to it seventeen times in a row.)


A Love Letter to You:

I’ve been roaming around…


And God calls out~

You know I could use somebody

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak

Someone like you…


Someone exactly just like You.


This is truth.

That is why the God of this Universe created You.


I am ready now~ 

That is our love letter back.