Halloween for a Cause

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Halloween can = making a difference!


1. The Red Cross Partners with AMC’s the Walking Dead to encourage people to give blood.


2. Trick or Treat for UNICEF! UNICEF improves the lives of children’s and families in 190 countries.

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3. Operation Gratitude Candy Buy Back Program. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to US military.

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4. Check out your local trunk or treat celebrations. Many churches host these safe alternatives on Halloween.


Searching high and low, the deepest depths of the internet, and I could not find much more on Halloween for a Cause.

Halloween is the second highest grossing consumer holiday behind Christmas!

I think we have an area where our world-changing, creative ideas could make a difference.


What are your ideas? 

I can see my daughter Ellie hosting a great costume party for a cause.

Halloween with a Cause

Halloween with a cause! I like the sound of that!

UNICEF has raised over $167 million dollars for children in 190 countries. They apply these funds for health-care, immunizations, clean water, sanitation, nutrition, education, and emergency relief.

Follow UNICEF on pinterest. (Another great excuse to pin away!)

You can order your trick-or-treat box from the UNICEF website.

I would like to provide some ideas for those of you that do not go door-to-door for trick-or-treating.

  • Order a trick or treat box and keep it a prominent place in your house (dining room table) for the month of October. Collect all your loose change in the box. When the month of October is done, send your donation in to UNICEF. The spooky holiday of Halloween just gained new meaning for your family.
  • Order a box and collect coins for the month of October with any group your child belongs to.
  • Having a UNICEF trick-or-treat box set up at church or your church’s trunk-or-treat is a great idea too.
  • Bring UNICEF trick-or-treat to your school.
  • Host a UNICEF trick-or-treat party! Here is a great toolkit to get you started.

Here is the UNICEF trick-or-treat resource page.

Here is a UNICEF trick-or-treat October calendar with tons of great ideas!

Have fun family time; dressing up, sharing treats, and making a difference!