Eight Why Not’s

innovateGreat things are happening! I hope the world continues to become more and more generous in time, money, and talent in making a difference.

Two finds from Diane Harvey:

1. LifeStraw is a filtration straw to make unclean water drinkable! The Lifestraw removes 99.9999% of water-borne bacteria and parasites, and can filter enough water for one person for a year. And for each one sold in the developed world, a schoolchild in the developing world will receive clean water for the entire school year! 

2. LumiAID solar light is an inflatable, waterproof, and solar-powered light that is being distributed to those in need in several countries. Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were graduate students at Columbia University’s School of Architecture in 2010 when the devastating earthquake struck Haiti and were inspired to invent this new technology.


3. Tix4cause.com features millions of tickets a day to sporting, concert, theater & entertainment events all across the globe! With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to the cause of the purchaser’s choice. They are the only exchange that allows people to monetize their experiential spending for their charity!

4. Verizon Devise Recycling allows you to recycle old electronic devises, you receive an Verizon electronic gift card, or donate to Hopeline. Hopeline recycles electronic devises to survivors of domestic violence.

5. CNN 10 Visionary Women Meet ten women helping the world and its people.

6. A Vending Machine that Brings Grocery Basics to Areas that are Food Deserts. Grocery store basics are not always readily available to those in rural and also urban areas.


7. More One for One Companies arriving on the scene!

Meet Blanket America, Smile Squared, Roma Boots, One World Futbol Project, Baby Theresa, Warby Parker EyeGlasses, Happy Blankie, and FIGS scrubs for scrubs.

8. DearWorld.Me Be inspired by sharpie messages.

Which innovation excites you the most?