Earth Day Resources for Your Family

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Today is Earth Day!
images (1)CitizenKid a series of books inspiring kids become global citizens has added a new book to its collection Planet Ark: Preserving the Earth’s Biodiversity. 

earthEnvironmentally Themed Movies for Families

images (12)Visit Recycle City a computer game from the Environmental Protection Agency

images (2)Read OxFam’s Grow Method and booklet Fighting World Hunger at your Table

images (3)Consider bringing TerraCycle to your school or business

images (4)Use Preserve Products: Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained.

images (5)The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is dedicated to planting fruitful trees and plants to alleviate world hunger, combat global warming, strengthen communities, and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water.


Visit my Creation Care Board over on Pinterest. I spent way too much time last week trying to gather the best of the best ideas.

Visit my friend Leslie’s DIY Pinterest board. Leslie is a talented crapter (she up-cycles regular stuff into fun crafts).

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Head over to the website The Story of Stuff Project. They have thought provoking videos about creating a sustainable world.

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Read the story of creation with your family.

Genesis Chapter 1: In the beginning… God created all we have. I think we have a responsibility to care for it!

Check out some the great earth day books for kids above: The Curious Garden, Compost Stew, Curious George Plants a Tree, Michael Recycle, The Magic School Bus Climate Challenge, Fancy Nancy Earth Day is Everyday, Biscuits Earth Day Celebration, Gabby and Grandma Go Green.  


What is your family really great at when caring for the earth? 


Terracycle is a company that seeks to eliminate the idea of waste. They take products that are difficult to recycle and make them into new products. Every product that is upcycled creates less energy to produce.

The website is easy to navigate

After you sign up you can download a free collection kit to get started. Here is a sampling of what you can recycle: candy wrappers, cheese packaging, chip bags, cell phones, cleaner packaging, drink pouches, personal care and beauty, scotch tape.

After you collect your objects you can download a shipping label and send.

Most brigades are free and will pay $.02 per unit of waste to your charity or school of choice. Recycle as a group and you can earn funds together! Like terracycle’s facebook page or join their twitter and you can be alerted to even more opportunities to earn extra funds for your school or charity. Also check out their contest page where you can learn about opportunities to earn even more funds! 

Lessons plans are available for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

A team of scientists and designers work on the products they recycle and upcycle. Some of these products make unique gifts. I liked looking through what they were able to create: fences, totes, backpacks, picture frames, park benches, picnic tables, bike racks, garbage cans.

The website also features two fun reads. Revolution in a Bottle: how terracycle is redefining green business and ReMake It!