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We are on an eleven and a half day countdown until the end of school! June 10 (pending survival on field day.)

Exciting opportunities are coming this summer…


Questions about the Holland Summer Serve Play Groups? Click here! 

summer camp

About Proximity is joining kindness experts and host Sheila of Pennies of Time for Virtual Kindness Summer Camp.

This is a Facebook Group where great conversation will take place and lots of ideas will be shared about serving with our kids. About Proximity is sharing Talk Justice Play Groups.

We’d love to have you join in. Click here and request to be a part of the group.


I love that summer changes speed, and the space it makes for friends and family.

I love the bike riding, beach hanging, ice cream, and the kids Nerf squirt gun fights.

(The only thing I don’t love is our neighborhoods love affair with fireworks. All DAY and ALL NIGHT, yet only legal the day before, of, and after the ten federal holidays.)

I love being able to sit at my desk in my office/guest bedroom/kids creation zone and write. I will be working on two big projects this summer. They have been wake up at 4:00 a.m. freak-out projects, but I know that God is bigger then my fears.

  • Finishing up Changed for Life, a curriculum about entering into short-term missions as a long-term partnership, with respect and humility for the work already occurring in the host community. (I’ve been a co-writer on this project for some time, and I am so excited to see it moving to completion.)
  • 88 Playgroups that Make a Difference: Helping Children Engage Justice Issues that Really Matter. You can pray with me that this project might become more than a document on my laptop.

Also, I should clean my house.

Mostly, I share these things because I want to know what you are doing this summer! What are your plans, fun activities, the ways you are going to slow down, projects? What you are most excited about? 




Bread and Wine


Bread and Wine a Love Letter to Life around the Table with Recipes.  By: Shauna Niequist

I wanted to give this book away, but honestly was intimidated to read it.


I would not describe myself as a foodie, maybe a burn the food person. I do like food though, does that count? In the locker room at the Aquatic Center I saw a brown loofah and thought it was a bag of tortilla chips last week. Sometimes I slap down fish sticks a’la Betty Draper of Mad Men for dinner, I really do. What I’m saying is I loved this book, even though I am not a foodie purist.

In this book each chapter is an essay ending with a recipe. Shauna invites us to her own table of her childhood and her present, a table shared by family and friends. Reading the book feels like being offered a warm invitation into the home of a life-long friend. As a writer her words speak wisdom and humor. She possesses the gift of hospitality and offers it up freely to her readers.


She shares transparently her own struggle with infertility and how around the table friends uphold one another.

But it isn’t about perfection, and it isn’t about performance. You’ll miss the richest moments in life- the sacred moments when we feel God’s grace and presence through the actual faces and hands of the people we love- if you’re too scared or too ashamed to open the door.

doorEven deeper, she writes about the Eucharist, the bread and wine and God’s invitation to all of us.

Every time we eat and drink should be a reminder that:
he's here

I shut this book and am changed.

To: appreciate each meal as a gift from God’s hand.

To: be encouraged to open my door and feed those I love.

To: archive memories of gathering together when the days are hard.

To: slow down.


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what is your favorite meal to fix when you have company?