#RiskRejection… I have no idea. Nice Try.

I love Amy Sullivan’s risk rejection series and the voices that have shared within it.

Every time I get ready to write about what I am going to risk for our monthly check in this comes to mind.

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What would you ask a chef about making food for a celebration?

Josiah: I have no idea.


What would you risk?

Me: I have no idea.


It’s called: let’s go with that, because I don’t want to write the real answer even though I know it. Amy challenged me to finish a writing project in fiction. That is my risk rejection, to focus on this project when I’m off from work this summer. I want to have a rough draft to show her by September… I need to stop saying I’m going to do it and actually do it.

I say I have no idea, because it scares me so much. I feel not good enough, and maybe it won’t be. I would rather say I tried. Yes, that is really true. I would rather risk rejection than to have always wondered.


People who have inspired me to risk rejection recently. 

invisible girlsSarah Thebarge, the author of The Invisible Girls, if you read any memoir this year, I highly recommend this one. She is a beautiful writer and spirit. Let’s talk facing aggressive breast cancer in your twenties, and afterward leaving your successful career, ivy league education, and failed relationship for a different coast. Sarah sought to heal her wounded heart. Enter refugee Hadhi and her five daughters. In the book Sarah is not afraid to ask why of God. She is also not afraid to share how placing herself in proximity to this refugee family revived her faith. I read it in one night. That good. You can also listen to an audio interview she did with Amy earlier this year.

Editorial Director of Baker Books, and blogger who encourages creativity, Chad Allen, introduced a fortieth birthday challenge last month. He is seeking to raise $40,000 for Heartline Ministries in Haiti, helping Moms and babies, and also jump out of an airplane. #Jump4Haiti is his year long mission. Read more about the trip that inspired this risk. I know I will be supporting this gutsy goal.

What will you be risking in the coming months? 





even the imperfect ones


One more #riskrejection link up with the beautiful Amy Sullivan. All these ladies have inspired me so greatly. They are brave and I love to hear their stories. It is powerful when we do not allow fear to overcome our hearts, and listen for that still small voice. You can read my other risk posts here, here, and here. I hope you might be encouraged from someone who is not so very brave deep inside.


I remember when I was little and in the backyard with all the neighbor kids. We would take turns flipping and twisting backwards on the rings hanging from the top of our playhouse. Everyone could do some sort of great variation. I would be there too, but my amazing trick would never come. As soon as I started, I would imagine my arms twisting out of their sockets and hanging limply at my sides. The risk was too great, so I just never tried. I would sit in a patch of daisies with my dog, watching everyone else try new things. 

And I went on to spend most of my life, watching everyone else take the risks.


Now, I find myself saying yes more often, even when I’m not sure I’m good enough. I used to tell myself, I would take chances when I was smarter, or skinnier, or had more experience, or felt less anxious. The day I started writing here I realized something, God takes all voices, even the imperfect ones.

Thinking back to my childhood backyard, I realize I have changed.

The more you risk, the stronger you become. God will keep welling up in your heart more and more… to take steps of faith in things that matter.


I promise to keep writing hope and encouragement, even when I’m scared.

I promise to risk swinging upside-down on the rings…


Would you take a risk? About Proximity is running a series called I Love Your Voice. 

I so very much believe that we all have a story to tell. We all embody a unique way that God uses to bring hope and renewal to others. The proximity of your voices encourages.

Read our first contributions here, here, and here. We want your voice. Contact me for some ideas for you to share your heart aboutproximity@gmail.com

The way you place yourself in the proximity of renewal will challenge others to take risks. I know it.

i love your voice series

It Means Something

riskOne of the most beautiful experiences of writing has been the friendships I have made. Amy Sullivan is wickedly smart, talented with words, and welcomes with open arms and kindness. She gathered up a group of bloggers to join in her #riskrejection challenge this January.

Click here to see Amy’s first risk and read all the link-ups.


I am not a risk-taker. Mainly, because I hate rejection. Rejection, the word makes me want to hide in my bed, covers pulled over my head. People pleasers don’t embrace rejection.

Risking rejection scares me. Something funny has happened every time I have done it. Something stronger emerges deep inside me. I feel God’s arms wrap around me. His relief, you trust me. Life is short. Going deeper, reaching further, listening and not ignoring his voice makes these moments mean something.


I have three risks to share with you.

My first is a simple word that departs from my mouth very slowly.

The word is no. This word scares me, because I feel like its recipient will forever hate me. Maybe, it’s more that I will hate myself for not being able to do it all, for not being perfect, for messing up.

This fall, I committed to helping with Wednesday night nursery at my church. I also took a new day job and am writing a curriculum in the evenings. This semester, I need to admit that I can’t do it. Everything, I can’t do. I want to do everything. I can’t. It’s being honest and trusting that others will honor that. It’s not hating myself for everything I can’t do.

This is a little risk. A little word. Big to me and my heart.


Please come back next Friday. I will share a rejection that I’m willing to try again.

What has risking rejection meant in your life?

What has emerged after you took that leap of faith?