36 Hope Expands: Little White Lights


Little white lights make everything better. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break for those who celebrate. I know I am so very thankful for all the wonderful people in my life, especially all of you. We had turkey and cheesecake. I scored a few presents on Black Friday with the spectacular team of my Dad, Mom and Ellie. Kris and I saw Mockingjay, and we finished up with some Sunday puking, because what’s a holiday without someone barfing? Best of all the little white lights are up.

givingThe new expanding hope ideas:

  • Have you heard of AmazonSmile? Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Just log into your regular account and they take you through the simple steps. I was so excited to find World Renew the organization Kris works for. Our percentage will go to support their work!
  • I’ve seen Better World Books donation sites in parking lots around my area. When this business was featured in A Path AppearsI definitely wanted to learn more. You donate books which are then bought from the Better World Books on-line store. A portion of every sale goes to world literacy. Over 15 million books have been donated to non-profits, they support grants, and also recycle the books unable to be sold. Read more about their impact here. I’ll be going through our stacks this season!
  • Elf on the Shelf kind of creeped us out last year and I’m really bad at remembering to do it. I also saw on Pinterest an idea for giving elves, or something really beautiful and perfect like that. Our family variation: the kids like the concept of finding the elf. So I have a plan of what to do with him each day, but he will also have a note sharing with us an act of kindness we need to complete. (Will we succeed everyday, or will I remember? No because we are not a pinteresty sort, but we are going to try!)
  • Try this one: go to GreaterGood. On the top toolbar they have nine sections like autism, literacy, and hunger. As you click the cause, a button will appear to support the cause, just click again and you’re set. The advertisers fund the causes. Click nine times and you’ve contributed to nine causes for free. You can give back every calendar day.
  • Rice 2.0 offers 10 grains of rice to the World Good Bank for every correct answer. They offer a number of subjects. I’m loving the spanish vocabulary section right now.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite free ways to give back on-line? 

Family Activities through the World Food Programme

The World Food Programme fights hunger worldwide.

One of the ways the World Food Programme contributes is by providing nutritious meals for kids in schools. They serve 26 million kids in 60 countries.


Meet students at the Huarimarca School in Bolivia! This is a great family activity.  Click here for the link.

  • Watch the video featuring Ximena (the communications coordinator and school children).
  • Type in your name and email. Write the students a message about you, and then ask them a question.

Do you have teenagers?

  • Try out Free Rice 2.o. This is an on-line vocabulary review, perfect for SAT prep. With each right answer, ten grains of rice is donated through the World Food Programme.

Are you or your family gamers?

  • Do you play Chefville? If you do your gaming can make a difference. Teaming up with Chefville, Zynga will donate 50,000 to the World Food Programme when the Chefville community serves up its billionth dish. Play games=make a difference.

Fun and Learn Activities:

  • Check out these fun and learn activities for students, teachers, and families here. 

Your family can make a difference, together!