Shakespeare Behind Bars

Shakespeare Behind Bars  is an award winning documentary film.

The movie documents a year of following the Shakespeare Behind Bars theater troupe. The troupe began in the mid 1990’s with volunteer director Curt Tofteland and inmates at Luther Luckett.

Shakespeare’s The Tempest takes place on a remote island. The story follows Prospero whose throne was taken unjustly by his brother. Prospero seeks to restore himself and establish justice. There are strong underlying themes of forgiveness and justice in this great work of Shakespeare.

The film is a beautiful and moving example of the power of creative arts in the lives of those who seek to be renewed.

This film is also an example of the term restorative justice.

The restorative justice page of the organization World Renew is a great resource.

Definition: Restorative Justice is a biblically based view of criminal justice that attempts to engage victims, offenders and the affected communities in bringing about deep and lasting solutions by focusing on restitution, restoration, healing, and the future. At its core, it’s about relationships.

Have you witnessed creative arts help restore life?