A Lot of Slow


This weekend at the library, I randomly picked up a book that helped me let out a long held breath.

slow writing

Good things take time.

Counterintuitive in our reality today.

From A Lazy Thought By: Eve Merriam

It takes a lot/ Of slow/ To Grow


I don’t remember this, ever.

I take great comfort in it though.


I encourage you today, to remember you are a work in progress.

Let grace cover over you… everything beautiful takes time.

I hope you let that truth sink in. Somehow it is so freeing.


Do you struggle with slow in a world of fast? 

He rises to show YOU compassion


A small encouragement.

I am struggling with waiting right now. Often when I am struggling with something, God’s word becomes apparent to me, in a way that challenges and comforts.


Isaiah 30: 18 The Message

But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be gracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy on you. God takes the time to do everything right- everything. Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.


Be encouraged this day:


God rises to show YOU compassion.

He loves YOU very much. Very much.

Simple, yet more than enough.




He’ll Not be Leaving or Forsaking.

DSC04961 (2)

My little guy will be six at the end of May. Not so little anymore and determined to ride his bicycle this summer without training wheels. He worked really hard that first afternoon, but did not quite get there. Will he by this summer? I have not doubt. I have complete faith in him. Something so new takes time to learn. Skill is built by practicing again and again. It takes time.

DSC04963 (2)

I love how his eyes are closed. In his pocket are two beanie boo stuffed animals, from his sister for good luck.

In our culture of having everything at our fingertips right when we want it, waiting can be hard. We sometimes even fight that feeling of entitlement that whatever we are doing should happen immediately.

While paging through an old National Geographic I came across an interesting photograph.


In Tibet lies the Pelkor Chode Monastery, a structure that dates back to the 9th century. A tradition of those who pilgrim there is to crawl beneath sacred texts of Buddist scripture to “absorb the wisdom.”

  • I am going to crawl under all the books that have won the Nobel Prize for Literature. 
  • I am going to lay under a plane and soak in it’s flying properties so I can glide around the world with periodic tropical island breaks. (I would also like to be invisible sometimes, but I don’t know what I could absorb to do that.)
  • I am going to have an iron woman triathlete drag me in a kayak, a tandem bike, and a running stroller so I can absorb her athletic properties.
  • Also, I am going to lay underneath the junior mint machine/conveyor belt/robot thing that makes them, so I can recreate it in my basement.

If only life were that simple and surface.

Instead, we get skinned knees, frustration, and intensely long waits.


Kris asked Josiah if he was ready to try again the next day. He said yes, I think I saw his eyes closed again.

I want to be that in my life. Even if the future scares me a little bit, I want to say yes, even if I have to shut my eyes. It’ not easy. God never promised easy .

We can move forward because we know God won’t be leaving us.

God won’t be forsaking us.

What do you need go back to and keep trying? 

Or more fun what would you “absorb”?

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