One Word: Kneel


One Word Three Sixty Five’s tagline:

One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live.

One word that you can focus on every day, all year long.

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Through many of my writing friends, I discovered this fresh take on New Year’s Resolutions. I really loved reading about how they grew from focusing on one word throughout the course of a year. There has also been some beautiful art and scrapbook creativity going on with One Word.


My one word for 2013: Kneel.

This fall has been difficult for me. With both my kids in school, I have re-entered the workforce. I choose to follow my dream of being a writer. Honestly, for each step forward I’ve been met with about seven steps backwards.

Some days I have really wanted to quit. I’m weary of the rejection, of ‘being so out there’, of trying so hard. I know deep down I can’t quit. This is who I am, it is like breathing to me. I might not still be  here without the gift of writing my heart. I want very much to honor God with my writing.

I thought a lot about my one word for this year. When I was thinking I felt the weight of my discouragement. So, I imagined what makes me happiest. Then the word kneel pressed into my heart.


To Kneel in Prayer.

To Kneel before God as a broken person.

To Kneel before others with my heart wide open.

To Kneel in service to those in need of a touch of love and kindness.

To Kneel before my writing to encourage others and encourage justice.

To me, that is hope. Kneel: is my One Word for 2013.


The beautiful Melanie Moore of Only A Breath made buttons for our blogs. I will keep my one word on the sidebar for the course of this year. I will be linking up with her and others on the 15th of each month to talk about what we are learning.

Visit: the community page for links to other blog’s one-word for inspiration.

Scrapbook extraordinaire Ali Edwards is offering a monthly class (for the 2013 year) all about One Word.


I hope you will prayerfully consider one word for 2013 too! We can talk about our words in the comment section! I’d love to pray for you and your heart this coming year! What One Word did you choose? 

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