to give what is most precious.

DSC05480Last week, I shared that I took a new job.

I am in the second grade again. Where we read story books and learned about community.

The books were about welcoming new kids and feeling scared about starting school again.

During the community unit we learned about diversity.


Second grade subjects:

  • welcome others that are different from us
  • we are all different and that makes everything deeper
  • even if we are different, we all face the similar challenges

We adults need some help to understand these concepts sometimes. In kids, they are kind of beautifully innate.


A new student saw a need at the desk beside hers, a struggling classmate.

Without words, she offered a pencil, the only one like it in her pencil box, blue with beautiful henna markings. The pencil was special; something that reminded her of home and heritage. Instead of keeping it for herself, she offered it to her neighbor.

The one who received, looked at first surprised, taken aback by such a thoughtful gesture. Then a smile broke through. The pencil lives in a new pencil box now. I see fingertips touching its length each time a writing tool is extracted, a reminder that someone cared deeply enough to give what was most precious.

The act was small, but breathtakingly powerful.


And in like fashion our friend Amy Sullivan talked about this very topic Saturday. She found a great book we are going to have to read.

Showing up changes lives.

God stretches open the spaces we leave him.

Show up with what you have. We all have something to offer, even if it seems small.