Family Recycling

I love recycling.  I don’t know why.  It just is so simple.  Every time I put something in the yellow city recycle bags I feel like such a good person. I like to feel like a good person. Even when I’m struggling, I can always rinse out my yogurt cup and be like, hey, I’m making difference by throwing this in a yellow bag!

For the last ten years of my adulthood I have been throwing away prescription bottles. Why? I was scared someone standing in the recycle line might see what medicine I was taking. Or maybe robots did the recycling and they would transmit all the label information into the universe or something.  One day, I thought, maybe the label is not so hard to peel off. Guess what? It came right off! Hey, I’m throwing my prescription bottles in this yellow bag!

This is the best part about recycling. Hey, will you please clean up your floor full of  “tickets” for the stuffed animal show?  Hey, will you throw the one hundred pairs of socks under your bed down the laundry shoot? Hey, what about all the dried out carrots under the couch? The animal cracker trail to your bed?  The Legos all over my bed? How about you take this milk carton and put it in the recycling bag? Yes? Oh, I faint with joy. Kids love that yellow bag too. I’m telling you it’s a job they understand, take this finished object and put it in a bag to be re-purposed. Hey, I’m four and I’m making a difference!

I vow to keep finding new things to recycle and sharing them with you. There is no need to fear the recycling robots that sort our goods.

Seems families can feel really happy together when recycling visit here:

This is the National Institute of the Environment Kids Page.

You can play a game called Recycle City together.

If you have an Adobe Shockwave player plug-in you can play a game called Dumptown! I don’t have that. I wish I did, because Dumptown is a really funny name for a game.

Hey, way to go recycling each day! You are a good person and a good family!