Scandalous. Messy. Love.

When my daughter Ellie was 3 1/2, we were decorating for Christmas time. Somehow our Playmobil nativity scene got mixed up with our Little People house.  Ellie was very busy for a long time. Later that night, I went to put the Playmobil set back by our Christmas tree.

I found quite a scene in the Little People house. Mary was lying in bed with a wise man and one of the shepherds was lying with his head in the toilet.


I sat their staring for a moment, shocked.

Scandalous. Messy.


God knew went he sent Jesus in the form of a baby.

He knew how broken we would be.

He still sent his only son to redeem our lives.


That is a love like no other.

That is a grace like no other.


Give thanks to the one who loves.

Extend that kind of grace and love to the broken.