A Prayer for the New Year

decThe Time People of the Year are those fighting ebola. I love title of the article.

Do Good, Be Brave.


Those little white lights of the season always draw me into a quiet spirit. I am ready for a little stillness. About Proximity will be back in the new year. I love your voices. Growing to know you all more deeply makes my days and encourages me so very much.


I pray for our new year…

that we would be brave

that we would kneel often

that we would love in close proximity.


he has already wrote it.

immigration prayer fence

History has a way of repeating itself… I made this for an immigration reform project I am working on. Then I was struck with how much it is my heart right now.

I slip back into gray days and pull myself out, repeat… and repeat all my days.

I forget to pray. I forget to sing. I forget to be gentle with myself.

I forget that I am a messy one.

help 2

I forget that he sees the ending… and its bigger and greater than we can know.


I forget that I can love until it bends me.

And that I am loved the same, even if I am messy and broken.

I can love in close proximity.


What do you forget as years pass? How do you call it back to your heart?