Students Speak Thanksgiving

Students Speak Thanksgiving! 


Thankful for “mommy, me, and daddy”

IMG_3225Evan 10, Dannan 7, and Kellen 4 with their thankful lists!

thanksAmelia (our friend Diane from Australia’s daughter!) is thankful for everything in the whole wide world!

Bella likes her new wheelsAndrew and Barbara Budek-Schmeisser provide sanctuary for rescued dogs. “One of these is Bella, whom we found drowning in a ditch, her back broken. Now she has a safe place, lots of pals, and a wheelchair. I’m sure she’s thankful, but I am perhaps more thankful for her, because she came and showed life and spirit at a time when my heart was heavy, and my hope dimming. For her – and for all the others – we are truly thankful.”


A great list from M- age 5!

IMG_20131124_172259Another great list from E- age 7.  M and E’s  Mom is a kindred spirit in teaching families to serve!

Thanks so much for these special reminders of what is important! What are you thankful for?

Students Speak Thanksgiving

Summer, Age 6, thankful for her family.
Paisley, Age 4, thankful for her family and gold stars.
Jack, age 3,  thankful for his big tractor.
Daniel, age 4, thankful for his friend Josiah
Noah, age 2 1/2 thankful for his family, his Mom and Dad
Alex, Age 8, thankful for video games
Riley, Age 4, thankful for Mom
Vismitha, Age 8, thankful for friends.
Vismai, Age 10, thankful for shelter.