Involving Kids: Tree of Life

ThinkQuest: A four square mile patch of rainforest contains 150 species of butterflies.

World Resources of Institute: There are approximately 100,000 known species of trees on earth.

No two clouds or snowflakes are exactly alike.

A person could travel the world their entire lifetime and not witness everything.

Millions of people have studied the wonders of creation throughout time and still, there are new discoveries daily.



Tree of Life: The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth

By: Rochelle Strauss        Illustrated by: Margot Thompson

This book is from the CitizenKid collection of stories. They seek to inform kids about the World around them and inspire better global citizenship. You can read about the CitizenKid book If the World were a Village here:

As an introduction to biodiversity, this story with beautiful illustrations stands as a great family read.

This summer spend a little time marveling at the creation around you. Go on lots of nature adventures.

Pointing out all the amazing facets of our shared environment creates a spirit of respect and care in our kids.