Children’s Books about Homelessness

four feet two sandels










Four Feet, Two Sandals By: KC Pathways  (A story of two girls in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Ages 6 and up) 

fly away home











Fly Away Home by: Eve Bunting (About a homeless boy and his father who live in an airport. Ages 6 and up.)

voyage to shelter cove











Voyage to Shelter Cove by: Ralph Da Costa Nunez (A group of sea friends find shelter after their coral reef is destroyed. Ages 3 and up.) 











Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by: DyAnne DiSalvo (A book about an urban soup kitchen. Ages 5 and up.) 












Harry the Homeless Puppy by: Holly Webb (Introduce the concept of homelessness through this story. Ages 3 and up) 

bb homeless










The Berenstain Bears Help the Homeless by: Jan and Stand Berenstain (Kids serving others. Ages 3 and up.)

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The Can Man by: Laura E. Williams (A young boy faces the reality of homelessness and offers an act of kindness. Ages 6 and up.) 

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December by: Eve Bunting (A book about a young boy, a cardboard house, and a Christmas angel. Ages 6 and up.)

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The Lady in the Box by: Ann McDonald (A boy and his sister care for a homeless lady near their apartment home.  Ages 6 and up.) 














A Shelter in our Car by: Monica Gunning (Zettie’s Mom is unable to find work and they must live in their car. Ages 6 and up)

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The Family Under the Bridge by: Natalie Savage Carlson (A book about a family who lives beneath a bridge and the man who befriends them. Ages 9 and up.)

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Ivy Homeless in San Francisco By: Summer Brenner (Children deal with the difficulties of poverty and homelessness. Ages 9 and up.)

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Esperanza Rising by: Pam Munoz Ryan (Esperanza and her Mama flee from Mexico to a California farm labor camp. Ages 8 and up.)

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Also Known as Harper by: Ann Haywood Leal (Harper, an aspiring poet, must deal with her family’s eviction notice. Ages 10 and up.)

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Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan (In India, 13 year old Koly defies fate after being sold for dowry. Ages 10 and up.)

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Selavi by:Youme (About street children without homes in Haiti. Ages 6 and up.) 

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