hope redefined


Samantha Moore’s past included years in the foster care system. Now at age twenty-three, she is in transitional housing at Grace House. She loves writing, and English literature. An anonymous benefactor, Mr. Knightley offers to put Sam through the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. The only catch is that she must write letters, sharing her progress and experiences.

The novel follows Sam’s journey of becoming the person she was meant to be, despite her past. I loved to see her growth as a young woman, a writer, and a friend as the book progressed. The mystery of who Mr. Knightley actually is keeps the pages turning. I don’t want to give anything away, but this is a love story.


Sam comes to know the Muir family who dropped, ‘hope and hints like bread crumbs.’ regarding faith. They also accepted Sam with complete love despite her past. I love that encouragement to be those people, offering hope and opening up their home.

I love this theme from the reading group guide. All the characters in the book find change. Do you believe that thought, that we are always changing, defining, and redefining ourselves? That potential for finding greater depth offers hope to our days that sometimes feel steeped in ordinary.


This book is a debut novel by Katherine Reay. She blogs regularly here. 

This link includes ideas for foster care and group support resources.

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