Coming Spring 2013… Girl Rising

People are moving in compassion and in the hope of renewal.

We can be a part of the movement! 

Mark your calendars for next spring to watch the documentary film Girl Rising.

10 Girls

10 Countries

10 Writers

10 Actresses Narrating

Giving girls globally an equal opportunity for education has been proven to:

  • reduce poverty
  • reduce child morality
  • reduce population growth
  • reduce HIV infections
  • change conditions leading to terrorism
  • reduce corruption

Visit the 10 by 10 website. 

Meet the Girls .

Watch the film trailer  and videos.

Learn More about how education to girls can change our World.

Start a 10 by 10 bookclub.  We’ll look at some of these books in the coming months leading up to the release of the film. Their are book club toolkits for adults, young adult and middle grade.

If you are an educator or know an educator check out the educator toolkit . There are options for upper elementary through high school, to use in the classroom.

You can also work with partner organizations, see the options here.