Talk Justice: Hunger

talkjusticeTalk Justice: Hunger

Hunger is something most kids will understand. Everyone can relate the feeling of a hungry tummy from time to time. We can broaden our kids understanding of true hunger by helping them learn about the people around the world that feel those tummy rumbles and don’t have access to a snack or meal like most of us do.

TalkHunger ConversationHelp your family go deeper:

  • If you didn’t have dinner would it be hard to sleep that night?
  • If you didn’t have breakfast would you have trouble concentrating in school?
  • How would you feel if you didn’t have a lunch to bring to school?
  • If you had a week where there wasn’t much food at home, would you begin to feel worried about having enough?

Talk about root causes of hunger:

  • wars
  • disasters
  • climate change
  • famine and floods
  • joblessness
  • rising food costs
  • poverty
  • inequality

Help older children understand common misconceptions about hunger:

  • WIC in the United States helps with supplementing woman, infants and children, school lunch programs, school breakfast programs, and summer lunch programs.
  • SNAP Myths and general information.

Whenever we talk to our kids about justice issues we can be positive, because there are so many ways we can help! Even though the topics can be heavy, we can make a difference, and that’s something to be excited about!

hunger booksKids Books About Hunger 

The Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by: Peter Menzel

Beatrice’s Goat by: Paige McBriar with Heifer International

One Hen by: Katie Smith Milway

The Good Garden by: Katie Smith Milway


21 Ways to Take Action!

We have a new Pinterest board called Kids #TalkJustice where I will be pinning many of the resources featured in this series.

Do you twitter? Here is a Hunger List to follow.

I really hope to hear from you all week long! Tell us about your conversations! What resources did you try? What did your kids teach you? 

Next Week… Clean Water and Summer Justice Play Groups.

have deep compassion for the people.


I have been reading a collection of Mother Teresa’s teachings. Where there is love there is God. 


The Christian community can be divided about participation in Halloween. I was encouraged moving through the rainy streets last Thursday with Captain America, Lucy of Narnia, and Leah the black cat. To me it was community, people extending love and children receiving the gift.

Every year there are under the breath grumblings, of teenagers, hooded and un-costumed, filling backpacks and pillowcases with candy. It happened where I grew up and it happens where I live now.

I say in every way, in every opportunity extend love.

That to me, is every time there is something that is perceived to be ‘unfair’, including assistance of every kind.


This week households will feel the first effects of budget cuts to the food assistance program SNAP. Most of these households include children, seniors, single parents, and those with disabilities. Over 1/2 of those that use SNAP have jobs, but can’t make ends meet because of minimum wage {Center for Budget and Policy Priorities}.

Non-profits and churches will find it difficult to fill such an enormous gap. People will find themselves in a vulnerable space of hunger.  Try taking the SNAP challenge through Feeding America.

Thinking about the issue in abstract it is easy to perceive ‘unfair’. Put yourself in the proximity of those that are vulnerable and everything changes; stand in the Feeding America line in your church parking lot, hold up a grocery store line trying to use your dwindling SNAP benefits, choose between a meal for yourself or your child, hand your child a cup of watered down milk to stretch what is left.

Instead of saying ten words say one ~ Mother Teresa


I love your voice and your thoughts.