this is a gift. thank you.

spaceWe had an empty Pringles can this weekend. Ellie covered the top with a plastic baggie, used an entire roll of tape to secure it, and made a slit in the baggie. She then used this as a “water bottle” for three hours.

Space to create.


A seminary intern at our church preached for the first time on Sunday morning. He did fabulous. The congregation sat lovingly, so excited to support him through this milestone.

Space to try new things.


Ellie and Josiah created the great lego vehicle race this weekend. Complete with a March Madness like bracket. We made our predictions. I went for Captain America. Three hours later, the race is not yet completed. I’ll have to let you know later who the real winner will be.

Space to dream.


In these moments, I felt very thankful for this space and for you.

I may never become a published author, but you still give me space to try. In that space, here, we can make a difference together through sharing, encouraging, and learning. For me, that is more than enough in reaching my dream.

Last week, when I needed voices for an article I was writing, you responded with such beautiful ideas on facebook. The love your voice series has encouraged and strengthened my resolve. If you want to share your voice. Please email me. You all have such special things to contribute about how you place yourself in the proximity of renewal, that I know.

I am very grateful for you.

Let’s continue to support and encourage one another to dream, create, and try new things. Who champions you to do these things? 

Create Kindness

IMG_2649First, she offered a henna pencil, something that was home to her. She gave what was most precious.

There are reasons why she would be weary. She has accepted many apologies.


A science experiment and she has remembered the most objects. She takes her small prize, a magnifying glass.

He looks over at it, his fingertip touching the clear edge. She has accepted many apologies.

Five minutes pass, when he returns to his desk, the magnifying glass is sitting on its surface. She nods her head and pushes it towards his hand.


Kids create kindness effortlessly. They don’t see the color of skin. They don’t see inequality. They don’t see disability.

And they are willing to forgive, over and over again.


When you grow past seven the hand that extends slows.

The willingness to forgive hardens.

IMG_2648God wants our giving hearts to be soft, like the seven year old who continually gives what is most precious.

He longs for us to kneel every time, in love and in forgiveness.

To create Kindness each and every day.


How can you create kindness today? 

What changes as we age that makes kindness more difficult? 

There is Nothing More

PicMonkey Collage

Supplies. Check

Homemade Perfume. Check

A closer look: water, plops of lotion, and shards of cheese. Check.


A special cup of perfume all my own to slather over my body. Check.

“Satisfactibility Guaranteed” Made with love by my daughter Ellie.


“Jesus stooped down and with his finger, He wrote on the ground.” John 8:6

Whatever Jesus wrote, stopped the Pharisees, they scattered. The woman caught in adultery stood saved, surprised to be loved.


It was silence it was music
It was art it was absurd
He stooped and shouted volumes 
Without saying a single word

Scribbling in the Sand, Micheal Card 


Leave space in your life to create.

Open up space for God to make something new.


Kneel and ask God to use what you create to love others.

To encourage. To offer hope.

How do you leave creative space in your life? How do you best like to create?