Family Activities through the World Food Programme

The World Food Programme fights hunger worldwide.

One of the ways the World Food Programme contributes is by providing nutritious meals for kids in schools. They serve 26 million kids in 60 countries.


Meet students at the Huarimarca School in Bolivia! This is a great family activity.  Click here for the link.

  • Watch the video featuring Ximena (the communications coordinator and school children).
  • Type in your name and email. Write the students a message about you, and then ask them a question.

Do you have teenagers?

  • Try out Free Rice 2.o. This is an on-line vocabulary review, perfect for SAT prep. With each right answer, ten grains of rice is donated through the World Food Programme.

Are you or your family gamers?

  • Do you play Chefville? If you do your gaming can make a difference. Teaming up with Chefville, Zynga will donate 50,000 to the World Food Programme when the Chefville community serves up its billionth dish. Play games=make a difference.

Fun and Learn Activities:

  • Check out these fun and learn activities for students, teachers, and families here. 

Your family can make a difference, together!