Silence Births Vision


This will be our last study with Graffiti Summer and Alene Snodgrass.


To Moses, God seemed silent and the world noisy. His people had a lot of complaining going on as he led them to freedom in Exodus.


In our present world especially, quiet is hard to grasp. If you do gather up silence with God, how does it feel?

I like to talk, be restless or flat out fall asleep.

Sometimes when God feels silent and answers are not forthcoming it makes me hold onto angry.


Alene encourages us that sometimes that perceived silence is God preparing to birth vision in us.

When we are immersed in noise how do we hear his voice?


Go to that space where you can meet with God.

Listen, what street is He leading you to? What vision does he ask you to call forth?


Do you have a special place to meet with and hear God?


Opposition to Victory


Joining in with other writers for Alene Snodgrass’s summer study.

As Moses sought to free his people, Pharaoh gave him resounding no’s. Ten times! And the no’s were accompanied by plagues. Real deal plagues.

Fight through the opposition because others are counting on us.


If we hide in our struggles, fears and hardships we create a veneer of perfection. When hurting people approach the church and see only ‘perfect people’ our witness of God’s grace suffers.

When I was young, my family liked a TV show that only ran for one season. “Eerie, Indian,” was about a boy living in “the center of weirdness for the universe.” In one episode, a mother keeps her twins young by having them sleep in Tupperware every night. Creepy, I know.

That picture always stuck with me. How often do we try to Tupperware our lives into perfect.


Why is it so hard to be real? I don’t know, but it is. We want to be strong, beautiful, successful, intelligent, best-of, creative… When really in many moments our lives are un-pin-able. If you read my about page, you can find my story to this place that I stand now. Not perfectly, but in God’s grace and I am thankful. Admitting that we struggle too, is not easy. (I eat candy in a secret corner of my kitchen.)


Life is plague-worthy hard. Some seasons cripple. We struggle. We do not walk around photo-shopped. Sometimes things just are not fair and pain happens.

God uses thes things in our lives, even though that is hard to understand sometimes. One of the strongest ways he uses real is to touch the lives of others. Sharing real deepens our relationships, my closest friendships are those in which I can share my struggles. Even for close friends this is sometimes not easy, but receiving a prayer request or a plea helps my heart grow stronger. I know I’m someone that friend feels comfortable sharing their not-perfect moments with and that is everything to me.


How can you step out of what is easy and share real this week? You can always share here, we’ll understand and pray.

Why do you think sharing your struggles helps those on the edges of the church? 

Broken for Others


I’m joining with other writers to work through Graffiti Summer Study and Do with Alene Snodgrass.


God called Moses and he offered excuses culminating in,”O Lord, please send someone else to do it.”  Not only did Moses feel inadequate he had also just killed an Egyptian who was beating one of his own people, a Hebrew.

How many of your thoughts focus on your inadequacies? How many focus on your past failures and weaknesses?


Exodus 4:2 Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”  “A staff,” he replied.

We all have something in our hands.


There are broken people all around us. It’s time we stop for a moment and notice
what is in our hand that we can use


God gave me a love for writing, I can use this gift he placed in my hands.

I have friends who are encouragers, organizers, leaders, prayer warriors and truth tellers.

They use these gifts with they have been given by; capturing moments, summoning life through career, tutoring refugees, raising families, teaching children, speaking against injustice.

Sometimes (almost always) I feel small like Moses, insignificant and incapable. I look down at my hands. The one thing I can always do is extend them to others. Even if they feel empty, there is something to offer… just their presence is enough. Being broken for others means showing up with an open heart. God will use that compassion.


How can you serve the broken with what’s in your hand? 

Graffiti Summer


About Proximity is joining up with Alene Snodgrass and other bloggers to participate in Graffiti Summer. 

Alene wrote the ebook Graffiti about herself and a homeless friend she met at her church. The story is touching and her friend’s voice is amazing to read.


Best described by Alene:

In the Study and Do we look at the life of Moses and how he was challenged to step into the unknown to free people in slavery.


The goal of Graffiti Summer is  . . .

to bring awareness to a broken world and give easy steps of how each of us can make a difference.


The study will begin June 3rd. I will be writing about the challenge and so will many others. There will be link up so you can easily find other’s stories!

Follow the link here, to download your free Study and Do Guide (6 week challenge).


I love that as a community we can continue to step out of comfort zones and truly serve with the love of Christ.

If you are a blogger you can still hop aboard! Let me know in the comments and I’ll get you Alene’s contact information.

Graffiti By: Alene Snodgrass

Do you know who lives on the opposite side of the street?

The  ebook Graffiti scribbles from different sides of the street releases November 26th.


Alene Snodgrass writes about heart graffiti. Her story is interwoven beside street graffiti, the story of Rick who lives on the street. Alene encountered Rick at church, when he showed her poetry he had written. A friendship of shared voice was built, resulting in this story of graffiti.


Graffiti: “It’s the scribbles of story and love that God intertwines upon your heart.”


Their voices alongside one another are inspiring.

The other side of the street is not so very far away from where you reside.

Rick was burdened with a false accusation in his life that resulted in excessive drinking and drug use. His poems and heart are beautiful: Ignoring the Lonesome, What Would You Do?, and His Love.


Alene’s heart to give voice to someone on the other side of the street is moving.

This holiday season be reminded to look deeper and extend a hand of compassion.


We all have a beautiful voice.

We all have a story worthy to be heard.

“While all is silent and calm, will you listen for the voice of a Savior, coming to your side of the street?”


Venture out…

Visit the Graffiti website and read the first chapter.

You can read Alene’s blog here. You can also follow her on facebooktwitter, and pinterest.

On her website you can download her free ebook Suburban Girl Meets the Streets.