At calendar time in second grade we count the school days with tally marks. The end draws near, one day and half. September seems a lifetime ago.

And I am thankful.


Life is about proximity. I held it close. I know it made me more.


I am thankful for little people that-

Ask about homeland, kneel over their classmates to help with work so hard, sit patient when another cries, run to comfort, rejoice in another’s happy.

One held onto a piece of confetti. You are not my friend another hissed, claiming it was his. Moments later the confetti piece is placed in a hand. It is not as important as a friend.

How do they know when adults sometimes do not? They know to kneel.


I was a part of a servechat on twitter about reaching out to veterans Thursday night. The guest was a disabled combat veteran, now a national chef advocate for No Kid Hungry.

He wrote, 1 in 5 kids go to bed hungry every night. After my service, I found a new mission. It truly saved my life. 


I get it. How life is so hard. We need to kneel for rescue by rescuing. Proximity. Everything.



IJM and Noonday

noonday collection

I have two organizations to share with you today. My friend Amy sent me an email weeks ago, encouraging me to enter the #styleforjustice contest. The second I looked at it I wanted to enter. I waited until last night, almost the last day to enter. You win by popular vote and that is just impossible. Then, I realized that I love their work and would like to share it and my entry, because it is encouragement.

The Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for the most vulnerable in the developing world and buyers create a marketplace for artisans.

IJM (International Justice Mission) partners with local governments and communities to protect the poor from violence such as sex trafficking, violence against women, modern-day slaves, other experiences where they are far from the law’s protection.

This summer they are hosting a #styleforjustice storytellers trip to Rwanda. You can still enter too, the deadline is May 28. Click the link above and read all about it.


You can vote for me here. I’ll share my entry here. My headshot is pixel crazy… and well you’ll read the rest. 

Popular votes are difficult. My headshot is not professional. I’ve never traveled out of the country. I’m a quiet Mom that lives on a quiet corner in a city by Lake Michigan. I’ve been longing to enter this contest for weeks… but I know what people will see is small and unqualified.

I see it in myself. I am drawn to it in others. I write at We talk about placing yourself in the proximity of renewal. On my darkest days, images of justice lift me forward. My work with Global Team of 200, CRC Justice and Exodus Road breathe new life in me.

Drawing people into proximity with words is my place of happiness. No matter where we are in life we have the ability to offer hope to others. Our lives gather deeper meaning and vivid threads are added to our stories when we reach further than ourselves.

I hope for the proximity of this trip.

I want to see.

I want hear.

I want to kneel.

I want to soak in the proximity of the country and the woman who are hope.


They have known hard living days and nights unfolding. The lives of those who have seen injustice, experienced despair and have felt small will revive the hopes of many.


The simple gift of their story will heal. They offer what is most precious.

I love their voices very much.


I wish I was more pixelated and more popular votish, but really none of that matters because the cause of justice will be heard. Their voices will be heard. 

I will keep doing my little part and it will make me happy. I love their voices and I love your voices. 

Do you ever let the feeling of inadequacy hold you back?