Planet Ark


Our last summer service play group took place this past Tuesday! We had such a great time for all five weeks. I’m so thankful.

We read the story Planet Ark about how we can all be modern-day Noah’s through caring for our environment.

We were able to support seven families in Bangladesh in receiving a fruit tree seedling that will provide food and income through World Renew.

The kids made leaf creatures and were awesome at the nature scavenger hunt!


Next week I would like share about the groups more personally, but for today I’m so thankful they became a reality, for all the participants, support, and amazing difference makers! And… there will be more. Hopefully forever and forever.

About Proximity formed some wonderful partnerships and we will be moving to hold more events throughout the year with Jodi Baron of Grace Episcopal Church in Holland.

Please, join our facebook service play group page for details and opportunities!

We’d love your ideas and to partner with you. I really mean that! Partnerships are what make a difference in our world. Every story and everything we did was better because we worked together as a community!





4 thoughts on “Planet Ark

  1. Hi Lisa. I dropped by Grace Episcopal two years ago. Attractive place. I was a deputy to General Convention in Salt Lake City and wish I had checked on the deputies from Michigan as Grace’s rector was there. As for Jodi, I don’t know her but I see that she graduated from Southwest seminary from where we just hired an associate priest, Daniel Strandlund. Surely they are acquainted. maybe I can get Daniel and a group to Michigan soon. Enjoy summer!

    • Oh my goodness! What a small world. Grace Episcopal is a beautiful church! I’ll have to ask Jodi if she knows Daniel. We would love for you all to visit Michigan!

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