A Lot of Slow


This weekend at the library, I randomly picked up a book that helped me let out a long held breath.

slow writing

Good things take time.

Counterintuitive in our reality today.

From A Lazy Thought By: Eve Merriam

It takes a lot/ Of slow/ To Grow


I don’t remember this, ever.

I take great comfort in it though.


I encourage you today, to remember you are a work in progress.

Let grace cover over you… everything beautiful takes time.

I hope you let that truth sink in. Somehow it is so freeing.


Do you struggle with slow in a world of fast? 

7 thoughts on “A Lot of Slow

  1. I totally feel this way… especially in this whole blogging world… actually… in the whole world in general. Did you start reading the book yet? Do you recommend it?

  2. We are such producers. I don’t think by nature, but it’s what we have turned into.

    We can’t sit in anything. The other day I was driving and I realized it has taken me six months to “unwind” from the fast pace I was living. Honestly, when I first started working part-time, I was so anxious…always feeling like there was something I should be doing.

    I think this is absolutely true of our writing as well. I don’t care who says it can be done, producing an entire book in a month is just plain crazy, and WHY??? Isn’t the process part of it?

    I will go now and pin this book so I don’t forget about it.

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