Somewhere in America

two bites

Neither boy had traveled a particularly smooth school morning. At lunch time he held a container, tiny in size. “My Mom made this cake.”

With a plastic fork he scooped out half, and placed it in his classmates waiting palm. Left in the container was approximately one bite of that cake. Two bites total and he gave one away. The generosity of children to one another sometimes makes my eyes watery.


Brave New Voices is an international youth poetry slam festival.

This week I came across Somewhere in America, spoken by three young ladies in the troupe Get Lit. They recently opened for John Legend in the Hollywood Bowl.

See their electrifying performance here. 


Somewhere in America… there are people waiting for our voices.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day many come together for a day of service.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


A tiny cake, shared. Two bites total and he gave one away.



4 thoughts on “Somewhere in America

  1. I love this Lisa! A good reminder for all of us. I’m reading the Poisonwood Bible and in one part two characters are having a conversation about wealth and how in the Congo village when one person has a good hunt or fortune they share it with the whole village and how in America we would not share because how else would we get rich. The concept of keeping wealth was a foreign concept to the Congo man and he remarked how he met a lot of rich men that were not happy and lots of poor men that were enriched beyond material goods. Even though this book is a novel it is a good reminder that material possessions mean nothing that our way of thinking needs to be reversed.

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