a wide world

little fellowOver break I watched The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Although much of JRR Tolkien’s works have spiritual undertones, I was particularly struck by the imagery of this movie. Smaug the great dragon has been killed. The people of Laketown gather in need of shelter, food, and clothing. Thorin Oakenshield, once a great leader, inhabits Lonely Mountain unwilling to share even one piece of gold.

Dwalin:  “You sit here, in these vast halls, with a crown upon your head and yet you are lesser now than you have ever been.”

“You cannot see what you have become.” 

Kili: “I will not hide, when others fight our battles for us.”

Of course, he comes around to be the great leader we all knew he was, abandoning wealth and power. Redemption. 


And as Gandolf leaves Bilbo with the powerful ring… “You really are just a little fellow, in a wide world.” Perspective.


I don’t know if I was all to ready for this new year. Even so, I know who I want to be.


I want to be brave and not hide. 

I want to love in close proximity… to do that, I know I must be quieter, stiller, gentler. 

I want to kneel because I know I am just a little fellow in a wide world. I know I need God. 

In this new year, what do you hope for? 






9 thoughts on “a wide world

  1. hat do I hope for? Gosh, I have no idea. I’m rather like a punch-drunk boxer reeling around the ring, taking a swing and hoping it connects with the one real opponent out of the three or five he sees. Physically, I’m trashed, and the strongest will in the world can only keep the thing patched together to keep going.

    Going where?

    Doesn’t matter, as long as you keep moving, because to pause is to die, and I’m not ready to do that yet.

  2. I also am not sure of this year… I often times feel like I’m just a small person too. But I keep thinking of the word grit. I want to have grit. Grit to complete the work ahead of me, grit to be brave and love others like God, and grit to do things that are right (but hard). Sometimes I so easily say “I give up, I can’t.” But I just have to keep reminding myself to try, try, and try again. And remember that God is ahead of me leading the way, beside me holding my hand, and behind me giving me encouragement and acting as my strength.

  3. What a beautiful post, Lisa. I haven’t watched the third Hobbit yet. Hubby and I had too much other good stuff going on over the Christmas break. But, I really want to see it. I often need a perspective check: we are small. Yet, we are not insignificant in God’s eyes. And to one person we may come into close proximity, we are very large indeed.

    What do I hope for this year? A more intimate walk with Jesus. The skills to learn how to not react to stress when it comes (because it WILL come), but rather to respond with Jesus’ guidance. I want other things, but I think if I can get a better handle on this, the other things will come more smoothly.

    • I loved your one word for this year. I think it’s perfect. Thank you for this thoughtful response, we are never insignificant in God’s eyes. That is a beautiful truth to hold onto.

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