36 Hope Expands: Balancing Giving and Consumerism

36hopeexpands(36 Hope Expands. A series of 36 ways to expand compassion in our daily lives.)

Some people photobomb, my daughter Ellie desk bombs.

ellie bomb

You know this.

We do know this.

How can we go deeper? How can we expand hope in our own lives and the lives of others? We do what we know to be true, love one another, and we seek to never stop learning how to do it better.

Christmas is coming… we’ve had two snow days already!


I love giving presents. It is one of my favorite things. This Christmas season I want to learn more about responsible giving. Inevitably we will all be consumers in some form, I want to do my consumerism with love and in ways that make a difference. I want my buying to be balanced with giving.

  • Remember #GivingTuesday? There is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and #GivingTuesday. They have some sweet toolkits. Mostly, just consider giving on Tuesday. Join the movement to make the holidays unselfie.



  • Made in a Free World has a slavery footprint calculator. You take a short quiz and in turn have the opportunity to send companies you buy from a letter of your support of fair labor practices. This is a worthwhile exercise and you make a difference.
  • I also signed up at igive.com here you can shop on-line and different companies will give a percentage to the charity of your choice. I choose Community Action House a local food bank in my hometown.
  • About Proximity is planning a little Christmas giveaway with fun surprises from three of my favorite cause companies Sevenly, Pure Vida, Delicate Fortress Creations.

We know this…

Let’s keep growing and learning together to love with every action.

How do you balance consumerism with giving? What are your favorite cause companies to buy from? What will you give to on #GivingTuesday? 


4 thoughts on “36 Hope Expands: Balancing Giving and Consumerism

  1. At the moment, I’m considering giving presents out of things that I already own but there’s a lot of pressure (from self and others) that a gift needs to be new. The family of my sister in law has a gift giving policy: it must be under a numerical amount, and it must be either hand made or pre-loved. I’m inching towards that philosophy too. Also, I have already bought some presents for the kids (call me strange!), so now the temptation for me is to say they have enough for Christmas and resist buying more (I will need to put chocolate in the Christmas stockings, though!)

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