36 Hope Expands: About Proximity Projects

36hopeexpands(36 Hope Expands. A series of 36 ways to expand compassion in our daily lives.)

I have a hefty list of things I would like to do with About Proximity, including a snazzier design. Also, I promise to never have ads, especially pop up ads, or start saying bad words, or talk to much. Mostly, I just really want to be faithful to God and make a difference, however small, to me that is hope. To me, that is why I write.


This one is simple. I’ve been wanting to start a new tab here. GIVE Projects. (See it up there?) There I will keep About Proximity’s projects. I hope the list grows and grows.

Remember Amy Sullivan’s bookWhen More is not Enough. She gave all the proceeds to a local ministry called Transformation Village. First book, she just went all out. I want to go without looking back too. I will be tithing my freelance writing work into our GIVE projects.

First up, a KIVA loan. We will contribute to a microfinance loan. When it gets paid back eventually, we get to pick a new person to receive the same amount.

Our first loan will go to Calixta Elizabeth from Ecuador, a single mom with a small eatery. The loan will allow her to purchase tables, chairs, and a business sign.

What do you dream of supporting if money and time were not an obstacle? 

8 thoughts on “36 Hope Expands: About Proximity Projects

  1. Oooh, new tab! Bold, brave beginnings. I think for me there are many things I could be supporting.

    There are so many good things to support. One thing that has caught my heart recently is Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. They are doing such great work with women (and girls).

    And another one that I came across yesterday that sounds amazing is MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).

  2. Have I told you how much I love your heart? And what a great question. I wish an answer came to me more quickly. I want to make a difference, I just don’t know where. But I need to stop sitting around waiting for clarity and do something. I piece of my heart stayed in Guatemala last year so maybe I’d love to be able to make substantial contributions to each of the ministries we visited. I also want to return there again soon with my husband.

    • The places we visit always have such a way of becoming impressed on our heart. I think you do make such a difference. Your writing is one place I see that happening 🙂

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