I am heading out for a couple weeks of computer quiet this summer.

This is Ellie, Josiah and my brother’s boys. The adventures are endless when you’re a kid during the summer. I love witnessing it all.

I am praying we all get a few moments of quiet this season. (Or winter season in Australia). Much love to you all. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Send me a note about how I can pray for you. I really, really love hearing from you all.

What have been your best summer adventures?



14 thoughts on “quiet

  1. My best summer adventures were getting married in the summer of 2002.

    And getting married in the summer of 2004.

    To the same woman.

    Hope you have a great vacation!

    And yes, I do need prayers if you have a chance. Either really bad chronic pancreatitis of pancreatic cancer.

    Either of which I can beat with one hand tied behind my back, but the prayers will help.

  2. Have fun!! Will pray for your time.
    If you’d like, prayers for my own time of rest — on a soul level, too — would be great. And just to really savor and enjoy these days of summer right here even if I am not traveling or going here or there.

    Thanks friend.

  3. Summers as a child – the best. At the last school bell, we bolted out the door into endless possibilites. On the farm and with little governance, we rode bikes for miles into the woods, built secret lean-to’s, invented games, read books from the shelf that looked interesting, got into harmless mischief. Your picture captures that wonder. Enjoy it!

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