this girl.


This girl is ten years old today. I don’t know how that happened. Time moves slowly and quickly all in the same heartbeat. She has always been so alive: full of life, confident, overflowing with ideas. Not much slows her down, or gets her down, or inhibits her.

I know this might change when she grows into those teen years.


I hope and pray for her and all girls that they:

  • might have complete freedom to be who they are in Christ
  • might know that imperfect is beautiful
  • needn’t feel the pressure to ‘have it all,’ but be able to do the thing they do best to the fullest
  • might have a crowd of girls around them encouraging their strengths instead of tearing them down behind their backs
  • might know that the hard days really do mean something, that sad really does make you stronger, that joy always finds a way to seep back in
  • might understand that kind is always the best choice

…and also that burning your diaries after high school is well-advised.


I love that tween and teen age so much. I think because to us their beauty is so profound. We see their God-give potential, uniquely their own, deep inside their hearts.

I wish it wasn’t so hard for them to see for themselves

or for that matter to see in ourselves still.


Remembering those things for ourselves, might be the best way to teach our daughters.

Even though I feel quite unworthy to be your Mom, I love you Ellie. I trust God with that imperfectness. I am thankful for all the ways you challenge me to be brave like you.

What would you tell your teenage self if you could go back in time? 




11 thoughts on “this girl.

  1. Happy Birthday, Ellie! Beautiful wishes and heartfelt words for your girl, and all girls, Lisa. My teenage self may not listen to me if I were to go back in time but I would encourage her to verbalise her feelings and opinions, to know that the world will not fall in if she does, and to find the Lord, and rest in him. These are all things that I either learned later on, or continue to learn.

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