I can’t. You can’t. We can’t.


I am fighting discouragement right now, as I know many others probably are too.

I spend five hours a week writing and making graphics for social media about immigration reform and the people it effects. In the last four months I have read half a dozen books, countless articles, and various positions. All the reading I do in my own time, because I want to understand. Then I draw out and create and share, and hope. I really hope… for change and for others to be moved.


In every message we share, words we speak and actions we take some are received and some are not. There is a lot competing for our attention. I understand that so much. There is a lot of disagreement, a lot of untruth, a lot of history.

Sometimes it feels like making a difference is too hard.


That verse:

Acts 17:26 He determined the times set for them and the exact places they should live.

It was the little breath that I needed to keep going this weekend.

If God sets people before us… how can we turn away, just because its hard?


To every story that we hear, every person we know there is so much more…

not just immigration reform, everything…. and everybody; the single Mom in the grocery story line with her Bridge card, the same-sex couple trying to find a church home, the newly released felon with no place to go. It’s hard.

I know its hard. I’m writing this slung over the couch in the dark of summer. I just ate six cookies. Sometimes I want to give up.

I can’t.

You can’t.

We can’t.


I think it is what God created us for. I pray we can rise up and live into that calling.

How can I encourage you this week to keep going? What are you struggling to stick with? I know you all do beautiful things from advocating for human trafficking to changing diapers. 



11 thoughts on “I can’t. You can’t. We can’t.

  1. Sorry you’re feeling discouraged. Thankful that when we are weak, He is strong. 🙂 You encourage me by reminding me that we are all in this together, faults, failings, and all!

  2. What a gift you are to us, Lisa. You draw me back to thoughts about things and issues I don’t take time to consider, in the busyness of my own life. Thank you for being that person who reads, ponders, reflects, responds, listens, and puts into words the cries of many hearts, the groanings that cannot be uttered, the sighs too deep for words. Be encouraged, dear encourager. Seeing you and knowing that you do this for us, means so much to me, even if I don’t have a chance to tell you very often. Your children are blessed to have such a caring, faithful and tender mom. . . . don’t give up, the world is blessed to have you too.

    • Jeanette, thank you for your kind words. They mean so very much. I am encouraged. I am strengthened by you and Jonathan as you press on deep in a place where people need you.

  3. Oh Lisa, thanks for these words. I think the word hope is such a cool one… It’s short, used so often that it’s almost ordinary and common…. And yet it’s so powerful and brings life and light to us all…. Thanks for reminding us to keep having hope today

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