he loves us that much.


We read the Easter story from The Jesus Storybook Bible yesterday morning.

Sometimes you forget what really happened.

That love that leaves you a little breathless if you really think about it.


Then came the questions, Josiah all day long; in the middle of church, in the middle of dinner, taking a walk, and riding his bike. Why would he do that? How did he do that? That is so freaky. Why? Why?

He had heard the story before, but maybe it just struck him differently this time around.


In front of our church we place carnations on the cross on Easter. Yesterday, there was a dance floor and break dancers performed. There was hip-hopping tunes and happy joy for such a great day. Josiah loves break dancers.

Earlier in the week my Mom had told our pastor how excited Josie was for those break dancers. ‘Having them there is worth it then, even if its just Josiah that loves them,’ he had said. (Of course, every one loved them. Who doesn’t love break dancers? They can twirl on their heads.)


That love that breaks. That was what Jesus was.

If it was only going to touch one person, it was worth it to him.

Just because he loves us that much.


Even when there’s broken and heavy hearted…

It’s a good life. He loves us that much.


We have the capacity to love that much too. That lifts me back up every time.

What love that breaks have you known? 





4 thoughts on “he loves us that much.

  1. I guess I sort of know about it.

    Once, a long time ago, I crawled into an overturned car that was starting to burn, and told the lady who was trapped inside, “I am not leaving.”

    I don’t know why I did that. I’m not brave, or a particularly good person. But there was no was I was going to bug out. She needed someone to hold her hand, I was just the one who was there.

    We got her out. She didn’t burn, and neither did I.

    But I will always wonder what I was thinking. I was not a Christian at the time; I was a practicing Buddhist.

    Sometimes maybe you just have to stand. Small-time for me, big-time for Jesus.

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