this is the way it is.


This is the story of Juan 7 years old and Maria 6 years old.

Take five minutes to watch their story here. 


The outskirts of the city dump.

Every day.

Six to seven hours, for food, plastic and recyclables to sell.

Sometimes we don’t eat… sometimes we do. One day we don’t eat… one day we do. This is the way it is. ~Juan


Sevenly and Food for the Poor team up this week to feed the hungry. I love Sevenly, not only do proceeds for their sales go to great causes, they invest in education. Each week they partner with a new organization and help spread the word about the work they are doing to make our world better and more just.

This week every item purchased feeds a child in Guatemala for two months.


This is the way it is. 

That is true in so many places.

Though, it should not be.


Remember hunger.

9 thoughts on “this is the way it is.

  1. Thanks for this post. This made me return to the news in Syria that many thousands are simply starving to death. I visited there 5 years ago and enjoyed the hospitality of people little different from me. To think of their horror and starvation makes it close. The video does too. I’ll do what I can, including limiting my meals to one a day so I don’t forget them.

    • Syria is another country experiencing great suffering. It is hard to imagine such desperation, especially in children. That’s for reminding us of an area that really needs help right now.

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