daylight is coming

exodusJanuary is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Read an article about What it Takes to Rescue a Sex Slave by Matt and Laura Parker, founders of The Exodus Road.

relevantExodus Road has also welcomed the music group Remedy Drive as an official Exodus Road artist.

Hold on – daylight is coming
Daylight is coming to break the dawn
Daylight is coming


We can remember those that need daylight to break the dawn.

There are people everywhere that need hope.


And everything changes in us.

3 thoughts on “daylight is coming

  1. This puts me in mind of a comment by Sam Childers, the “Machine Gun Preacher”:

    “If your wife or daughter were kidnapped by human traffickers, and I said I could get them out, would you really care how I did it?”

    This is one of the areas in which I feel the term “all means necessary” truly applies. The cost of human trafficking is so high to the individuals victimized, that the welfare of the perpetrators takes, to me, last place. The aim is to free the victims, and all other considerations are secondary.

    I know that I might be on the dark side of Christianity, saying that, but to say otherwise would be a lie.

  2. It is a vile trade, but people need to engage with it, turn to it not away from it, pray against it and support the agencies that are working in rescue and recovery. Myself included.

  3. This is awesome, Lisa. Love that you’re such an advocate for this. I am attending my first Human Trafficking conference the rest of this week and I’m excited!

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