Create Kindness

IMG_2649First, she offered a henna pencil, something that was home to her. She gave what was most precious.

There are reasons why she would be weary. She has accepted many apologies.


A science experiment and she has remembered the most objects. She takes her small prize, a magnifying glass.

He looks over at it, his fingertip touching the clear edge. She has accepted many apologies.

Five minutes pass, when he returns to his desk, the magnifying glass is sitting on its surface. She nods her head and pushes it towards his hand.


Kids create kindness effortlessly. They don’t see the color of skin. They don’t see inequality. They don’t see disability.

And they are willing to forgive, over and over again.


When you grow past seven the hand that extends slows.

The willingness to forgive hardens.

IMG_2648God wants our giving hearts to be soft, like the seven year old who continually gives what is most precious.

He longs for us to kneel every time, in love and in forgiveness.

To create Kindness each and every day.


How can you create kindness today? 

What changes as we age that makes kindness more difficult? 

9 thoughts on “Create Kindness

  1. “He longs for us to kneel every time, in love and in forgiveness.” To be more like a child…it’s sad how our hearts harden over time. I want to be more like a child. I want to be someone who always extends love and kindness. Beautiful post, Lisa. Blessings.

  2. Oh, the idea of “creating kindness,” not just “being kind”- reminds me that kindness is a choice. I just want it to “be there” in me, to flow out naturally, but it’s something that I can choose, that God can create in me when I keep my heart soft. I was lingering in the gospels this morning… savoring so many of the familiar stories of Jesus healing, loving, reaching out to people in his path, and what struck me today was just how KIND he was! Thanks for these wise words today!

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