Some Groovy, Cool, Tight Stuff


I was going to call this “cool things,” but I thought I better go with a more hip word. Which led me to all kinds of websites with slang words for awesome… like wicked= not evil, but wicked cool. Instead, I got kind of confused. I still use “cool” a lot and because I am thirty-four that might not be so cool.

Did you know in hip-hop culture if you are “trill” you are well-respected. The urban dictionary is endlessly fascinating to me… I guess that makes me old and nerdy.

Here is your tight proximity stuff:


1. Jeff Goin’s Slow Down Challenge:

Jeff Goin’s is a fantastic writer with a heart for others. Join him in his Slow Down Challenge here.  He’s a writer to follow and the reviews of his book The In-Between are fantastic. When you sign up for his newsletter you also get two free e-books Wrecked for the Ordinary and The Writer’s Manifesto. 


2. Shot@Life’s Partnership with Walgreens:

Shot@Life is teaming up with Walgreens for this flu season. Click here to learn more about Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

Get a flu shot at Walgreens and they will donate a life-saving vaccine to global children.


3. A new CausePub Project: 

Couch Rebels gathered stories about making a difference to provide water through Blood Water Mission.

A New Life Within, will gather stories about motherhood that will help new mothers through the Gabriel Network. Learn more about writing a submission and supporting the project here.


4. Did you know our friend Amy Sullivan is the SERVE editor over at 

She posts on Thursday each week with topics about serving. It’s a great place to be challenged, encouraged, and join discussions about making a difference.


5. Thursday Facebook Giveaway’s at About Proximity:

I want to give back to you! Thursday’s are going to be giveaway day at About Proximity’s Facebook Page. I have some great stuff planned; like gifts that give back, kids making a difference and LOTS and LOTS of books! The first four weeks will be Living Simply so you can Give More. If you have friends or family member’s that would like our content encourage them to like the facebook page. I post only once a day and love to widen our community! The more voices to make a difference the better!

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