Giving Back with Indiegogo

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Indiegogo. I just want to say Indiegogo over and over again!


Have you contributed to an Indiegogo campaign?

These campaigns use crowdfunding to bring exposure to causes and gather resources to raise money for projects.

Our friend Mickie DeVries found a campaign worth sharing!


Enter Kite Patch, the perfect example of innovation meeting making a difference.

  1. Watch the amazing video about this new technology, a patch that allows humans to go undetected by mosquitoes for 48 hrs, even outside of a bed net, the most common way to protect against malaria.
  2. Think about how life-changing this could be for areas where malaria is prevalent. The patch will be tested in Uganda, where  malaria infection rates are still 60%.
  3. Read more here. This cutting edge technology is fascinating. Here is the Indiegogo campaign page.


I really want to hear from you!

Do you like the way technology and media allows people to be on the beginning edge of new inventions?

Like the scientists that invented the Kite Patch, what day job do you have that you can give back through?

6 thoughts on “Giving Back with Indiegogo

  1. I like the way that technology can help us communicate so quickly. Some of my concerns are the way that misinformation can spread quickly and a tool for great good can be equally a tool for great evil.

    Also, another problem I have with technology is the ‘flood’ of choices and information presented to us, and our hearts that betray us when we choose self over others. To remain actively responsive rather than cynical or overwhelmed is a daily tightrope.

    Love hearing about courageous people who are helping others. 🙂

  2. What a great invention! I use my voice on my blog and in my consulting business (working with nonprofits) to give back. There’s always a way to give back!

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