15 Kids Books about Equal Access to Education


15 Books for you to read with your family about equal education opportunities. The film Girl Rising shines a spotlight on the present-day challenges to equal education opportunities. These challenges have been and continue to be an obstacle for young people around the world.

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Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story from Afgahnistan. [Jeanette Winter]. Nasreen attends a secret school for girls in Afghanistan. (6-9)

download (3)With the Might of Angels. [Andrea Davis Pickney]. From the Dear America series, a diary about the Civil Rights Movement. (8 and up)

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Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Maker’s Strike of 1909. [Michelle Markel]. Clara worked in a sewing factory as a child and still fought for her right to an education. [Preschool and up].

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Miss Dorothy and her BookMobile. [Gloria Housten].  Dorothy brings books to children in rural North Carolina. [4 and up]

download (6)The Hard-Times Jar. [Ethel Footman Smothers].  Emma and her family are migratory workers, she works to purchase her own store bought volume of a book.  [Kindergarten and up].

download (7)Waiting for the Biblioburro. [Monica Brown]. A traveling library through rural Columbia. [Kindergarten and up].

download (8)Walking to School. [Eve Bunting]. A story from Northern Ireland. [Kindergarten and up].

download (9)I Have a Right to be a Child. [Alain Serres]. What it means to be a child with rights. [Preschool and up].

download (12)Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys. [Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard]. Equal access for education between girls and boys. [Kindergarten and up].

download (13)Red Bird Sings. [Q.L. Pearce]. Zitkala-Sa’s struggle in white boarding school and her love of music. [Ages 8 and up].

download (14)Waiting fr the Owl’s Call. [Gloria Whelan]. The story of Zulviya and child labor in Afghanistan. [Ages 6 and up].

download (15)That Book Woman. [Heather Henson]. Pack horse librarians in the Appalachian Mountains. [Kindergarten and up].

download (16)A Bus of Our Own. [Freddi Williams Evans]. Mable Jean wants to know why the black students don’t have a bus of their own. [Ages 6-10].

download (17)Alia’s Mission. [Mark Alan Stamaty]. Saving the book of Iraq, in graphic novel form. [Kindergarten and up].

download (18)The Year of Miss Agnes. [Kirkpatrick Hill]. A teacher is committed in rural Alaska. [Ages 8 and up].

Have you read any of these books? Which ones spark your interest for family reading? 

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