Richard Stearns, President of World Vision has a new book called Unfinished Believing is only the Beginning. 

About Proximity was given a hard cover copy to review and giveaway!

Stearns first book was the National Bestseller The Hole in our Gospel. In that book he spoke about his journey from CEO of Parker Brothers Games and Lenox, Inc to World Vision.


In Unfinished, Stearns writes about our Biblical mission to proclaim God’s truths and act on his life-changing love.


The book lacked the deep story telling Stearns included in his first book. He spent much of the chapters giving overview to the bigger story found in the Bible. I still enjoyed the book and its message very much. The stories he tells of his work with World Vision and other people’s acts of love are the strongest parts of the book.

One story stands out against the backdrop of the book for me. He told of how tourists vacationing at Haiti ocean resort locations are placed on buses with blacked out windows when they arrive at the airport. Then, they are transported to their destination. The windows are blacked out so they do not see the abject poverty they are passing by on the way to their resort.


The work is unfinished.

How often when we are not in direct proximity to suffering, do we black out what we see.

We were made for so much more.


You have a critical role to play.

We need to cast off our inward, secure, isolated lives and look outward.

The book has a great study guide and an act,pray, influence and give guide.


Leave a comment and be entered to win a hard cover copy of the book! 

Are you ever tempted to black out what you know? What do you think when you read the words we were made for so much more?

10 thoughts on “Unfinished

  1. Sure. ” Blacking out”- Sometimes it all just seems like too much to handle. But I think that the words “we were made for so much more” gives us encouragement to look at the blacked out places

    • Good point, sometimes it is so overwhelming, I think it’s a natural response to need to looks away sometimes. But, then we can come back with God’s strength to make a difference.

  2. As I read about the bus being blacked out I was thinking that this is just such a powerful and graphic picture of what we do every day in our own hearts and lives. Thanks for helping us peel back the curtain, get a glimpse of the need and calling us to get involved!

    • I thought it was a really powerful visual example too. Hard, but really there are so many ways we can get involved. You are really good at finding them 🙂

  3. I bet that happens a lot of places. I remember on our honeymoon how the tiny resort we went to in Fiji took us to the neighboring island where the people who worked the resort lived. They took us right to their school and neighborhood. The children sang for us and the village leaders performed for us, etc. It was definitely a different world from the resort we’d been staying at for a week. The resort uses that opportunity to help support the community. By showing it’s guest how the people who have been serving them all week really live, they pull at our heart strings to help. They raise a lot of money to support the local school that way and make a big difference in the lives of boys and girls on a remote Fijian island. If they hadn’t of done that I would have had no idea how people really lived there.

    • That’s really cool, thanks for sharing that! That’s another good point the resorts do provide jobs/ resources for the communities they are in. It’s a positive thing if we are seeing the big picture.

  4. I tend to feel I have to or should be contributing to everything I am exposed to and God doesn’t call me to that. To be aware, yes, but not always to be involved or contributing. I have to stay focused on what he has laid before me and trust that he has others whose hearts are for those other causes.

    • True, God for sure gifts us with certain passions and gifts to be used for specific things! We for sure can’t do it all. You are right, we can be aware in a way to pass on things to those that are specifically gifted in that area 🙂

  5. I come home from vacation to find a book in my mailbox from YOU!!
    Totally unexpected but welcomed!!
    Thank you!!
    And thank you for your words of encouragement!

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