This post is for my friend Leese.

I meet her through writing. Now, I get these beautiful emails full of all the perfect encouragement. The really amazing thing is that we share a name! Every time I see her name, I smile because it is my name before I got married.

Leese struggles with health problems that would probably undo a lesser person. Yet she writes and encourages with an unmatched fervor. She has traveled all over the world which I find endlessly fascinating. Check out the title of her blog…

God has no problems… only plans. If you knew all that she has gone through, that title is even more striking. She is a proximity sister, a like-minded woman and someone who God is surely using in strong and amazing ways. She is faithful even in the midst of trying times. I am really so thankful for her example. Read her over at {in}courage too, This Round World


In my equidistant disquietude mood, I cleaned out school papers yesterday. When I came upon this again…


This was Josiah’s drawing of me from school for Mother’s Day. (My hair is not attached to my head and I have dots all over my face.) I helped the students make these one morning when I was volunteering at school. We are a “V” last name, so I didn’t get to Josiah. I knew the outcome could be bad, but I had no idea…


The one redeeming thing about this is that he thinks I’m 22 years old.

She likes to…. lay down!  Oh, my worst nightmare. My favorite thing to do is lay down! I’m also good at making noodles (which are out of a cardboard box that I boil for 10 minutes.)

All I could I think was, really I kind of take things too seriously sometimes, and I smiled really big. I think I will keep this picture on my desk. God gave us the ability to smile, to laugh, to accept the unknown.


Every day Leese looks at her life, full of uncertainty and questions and chooses to believe that God has no problems… only plans. This is hope at its finest.

The truth is all we see is dimly. He’s got the world unfurled in front of himself. I am thinking its an extraordinary masterpiece, just like Josiah’s portrait that I can tell he worked on so carefully.

Who are we to contest the details?

We have no idea what our fragments will contribute to the greater work of art. I have a feeling the purpose of our fragments will render us speechless… then turn to an eternity of praise.

What do you think? 

11 thoughts on “Hope

  1. beautiful. I love being reminded that I complain way too much, and in turn have so much to be thankful for. (I am now following Leese’s blog!) And I love that Josiah thinks you’re 22 … my son just informed me that I am 2 years older than I actually am… 🙂

  2. LOL!!!! I laughed myself to tears!!! Thanks for that!!! SO FUNNY!!

    And then felt so touched by the beautiful reminder that we see things dimly and that his plans are an “extraordinary masterpiece”.
    Thank you Lisa! You’re sensitive heart and humble perceptions inspire me!

  3. Hi Lisa, Haha. You cook your noodles for 10 mins out of a cardboard box. I cook mine for two minutes out of a plastic wrap! 🙂 And let’s not talk about how much I lie down!!! 🙂

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