He Holds Us With the Greatest Love


Rick Warren, is the author of Purpose Driven Life, and pastor of Saddleback Community Church in CA. This weekend his son took his own life.

I was so touched by his honestly in his letter to his staff, that was made public. He shared how his son has struggled since birth with mental illness, dark holes of depression and suicidal thoughts that did not subside with the best doctors, medications, counselors and prayers for healing.

Mental illness is real and dark. Mental illness does not mean you don’t love and trust God in your life. It is a disease, an illness, an imbalance.

I have struggled with this in my life. You can read my story in the about section of my writing. I struggled to accept the help of medication, thinking perhaps, I was not relying on God enough. Nothing could be further from the truth. My mind could not even touch the compassion of Christ for me when I was in an anxious state of being. Just as I finished writing this, I read a post about mental health by Ann Voskamp. She is the most eloquent writer I have ever read and speaks about this beautifully.


What I am troubled by is at the end of every article about Pastor Warren’s son is a string of comments. We know these follow every article written, but these make my heart hurt.

The comments revolve around three issues mental health, guns and homosexuality.

Across all the news articles comments, people seem to believe Warren’s son committed suicide from the despair of being homosexual with a pastor for a father. This has no factual basis. That is many people’s perception though, that if you belong in a Christian family and are homosexual it would drive you to suicide.

God gave us free will. He doesn’t have a list of what is a freedom or not. He gave us guidelines in his Word that he longs for us to follow, but we have the free will to make the choices that define our life.

He allows us to choose while holding us with the greatest love. 


The Jesus I know loved on the most vulnerable of society. I do not see Jesus closing the door of the church on anyone.

I don’t want to live in a world that assumes if you belong to a Christian family and are homosexual you would be driven to suicide.

I want to focus on Christ and his message, to love the most vulnerable. I want to be a servant, bending in the love that covers over all sins. There is so much we can do in this world to model the love of Christ.

There are so many broken people. We are all broken people. I am a broken person. I have hope because of Christ. I do not think anyone is beyond that hope and life altering redemption.

9 thoughts on “He Holds Us With the Greatest Love

  1. I love that sentence where you say – ‘My mind could not even touch the compassion of Christ for me when I was in an anxious state of being.’ It describes precisely how I have felt when I was in the depths of depression. It is a hard, scary and painful place to be. Even though I KNEW the truth of God’s word, it didn’t FEEL true, and it hurt so much. I couldn’t even get to the place where I could grasp that, even a little bit.
    And I love how you say no one is beyond that hope and life altering redemption of Christ. So powerful. Thank you for this today.

    • You know how that feels 🙂 I’m sorry that you do, but I’m thankful that we can talk about it openly. Hopefully others feel the freedom to share their struggles too. We can work at holding each other up! You have done that for me on so many occasions.

  2. Beautifully written, Lisa. I believe you’re right about no one being beyond the hope of Jesus’ redemption. So important to remember.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your heart today.

  3. Thanks Jeanne, freedom of choice is one of our greatest God gifts we have. The ability to make wise choices when mentally unwell or just plain broken is far from perfect. Grace is needed instead of judgementalism. Keep walking in others shoes, especially dirty ones!

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