Newborn Health

newborn health

New life emerges vulnerable. The loss of a new life is devastating. We can work together to ensure that more families do not have to endure such grief.

I am a Mom to two kids and one life lost through miscarriage. We all have a story to tell. Woman who give life through childbirth find themselves in a  very vulnerable space, good maternal health care ensures the best possible outcome.

When we make maternal health a priority, Mom’s around the world receive a gift of hope.

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Millennium Development Goal #5 is to improve maternal health. The MDG’s were designed to be reached by 2015.

The Global Newborn Health Conference will be taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa April 15-18. The world is joining together to reduce infant mortality around the world. The conference will be streaming live here.


These are simple ways that maternal health can be improved globally:

UNAMIPhoto Credit: UN Photo/Bikem Ekberzade

What Can You Do? 

  • Lend your signature to the Million Moms Challenge the right for every Mom to have a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth and a strong beginning. 
  • Two Degrees for every bar you buy a nutritional pack is donated to a hungry child. (Think TOMS for protein bars.)
  • Get involved in the Global Team of 200 partner organization Maternity Worldwide.
  • And the organization Shanti Uganda.
  • Pull out those gift catalogs and pick a gift that directly benefits maternal health.
  • You can follow the conversation at Twitter #Newborn2013
  • Watch Girl Rising and help support education to girls.
  • Read about PulseOx Screening for newborns.

Somali Refugees Dollo Ado Refugee receiving Camp in Ethiopia

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

What is your baby story? 

13 thoughts on “Newborn Health

  1. What’s my baby story? Well, the happy version is that I have two beautiful little people who call me mummy. Let’s not talk about the birth! 🙂 Thankful we live in a country with good maternal health care.

  2. As a mom to a child that needed extra help after birth, this really hits home. Every baby should have the same chance as my daughter did, and not only that but every mom deserves the same care I did. Without my prenatal care my life would have been compromised with both of my pregnancies.

    • Your story is a wonderful example. In 2013, there is no reason why we can’t help all women have access to good maternal and newborn health 🙂 So thankful for your story and your two beauties!

  3. Thank you for this educational blog, Lisa! I’m the mom of two girls, ages 8 & 6 and twin boys who just turned 3 last week. If I did not live in a country with such good medical care, I would most likely have died right after giving birth to my second daughter. I was rushed into an emergency surgery and given a blood transfusion. We’re blessed in America, we need to do all we can to make sure the rest of the world is blessed, as well.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Gabrielle! Hoping for such good care in the rest of the world is a good goal for all of us that appreciate the care we received. We both have eight-year old daughters 🙂

  4. LOVE those sweet picture of little baby Josiah 🙂 Adorable! I had healthy pregnancies, births, and babies, but am still SO thankful that I have access to good healthcare when I need it!

  5. Thanks for writing about this topic, Lisa. I had a really tough delivery with
    Felix… and I know that we wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for the good doctors and nurses at Holland Hospital (and our great ob/gyn). It seems unfair and upsetting that not all women have access to good health care in this day and age….

    • It is crazy that in 2013 not everyone has access to safe health care. Childbirth is not easy 🙂 for some people it might be, but I don’t know any of them!

  6. Now that is a good cause. The mortality rate is so high for infants and children under 5 around the world…we are so blessed in the western nations to have a much reduced infant mortality rate.

    With my firstborn I developed something called Class 1 HELLP Syndrome and my body basically shut down. My son was born 5 weeks early. I spent the first week in the ICU, went into kidney failure and my liver enzymes went up to multiple times higher than normal and my platelet count dropped to almost nothing. I spent 5 weeks in dialysis post partum, when by God’s grace my kidney’s began to function again. It was very scary. If I had lived in a developing nation, I would have died. They likely wouldn’t have had the equipment necessary to save my life. Even more likely would have been the death of my baby. He is 7 years old and healthy. BUT, the mortality rates for infants of mothers who develop HELLP symdrome is very high. Thank you for the story. Blessings!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have never heard of that Syndrome before. What a scary time! You appreciate even more the need for good health care. Your story is the perfect example of why all woman need access to good care. I am so glad your son is healthy and you are well 🙂

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